Our Team

Portrait Daniel Schmid

Daniel Schmid


Daniel oversees Apogex’ ongoing operations and ensures the execution of the company’s long-range goals and short-term objectives. He works closely with Apogex’ Quality Responsible Person to ensure maximum compliance with local, national and international applicable regulations regarding Swissmedic and GxP. He also oversees the company’s financial structure, ensuring adequate and sound funding for the mission and goals of Apogex. He serves as the company’s representative to the shareholders, employees, customers, regulatory authorities and the public.

Portrait Thomas Baranzelli

Thomas Baranzelli

Deputy CEO / Finance

Thomas is a member of the board of directors of Apogex AG. Besides the responsibilities for the overall management of the corporation and ultimate supervision of the persons entrusted with its management, Thomas also assists the CEO in different operational aspects. His major duties include  implementing and securing optimal operational, sales, purchasing, freight forwarding and logistics operations processes as well as responsibilities for sales, human resources and financial controlling.

Portrait Drick Röhrig

Dirk Röhrig

Quality Responsible Person

Dirk is the Swissmedic assigned quality responsible person at Apogex. He shows responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Apogex’ quality management system. He ensures that the quality of the medicinal products distributed by Apogex comply with the valid specifications and the services provided are in accordance with the rules of Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Patient safety and compliance with national and international GxP legislation are his main objectives in daily business.

Portrait Bassima Antoun

Bassima Antoun

Business Unit Director, Sales & Marketing

Bassima is a business unit director responsible for the development and execution of the medico-marketing, business plans and strategies within Apogex’ standards. She also plans the company’s field force goals and objectives and tracks its sales while taking care of the professional relationships with business partners, KOLs and HCPs.

Portrait Sandra Morales

Sandra Morales


Sandra is responsible for the management and processing of the supply chain. As COO, Sandra ensures that the QRP is provided with all documents necessary for the performance of the QRP-activity and that all supply chain procedures are followed.

Portrait Marie Vlasek

Marie Vlasek

Compliance Officer

Marie is the Compliance Officer at Apogex. She is committed to ensuring that Apogex’ Code of Conduct is consistently complied with throughout the company and its third-party providers.
The Compliance Officer serves as a contact person for employees, as well as for shareholders, business partners, customers and the general public on issues relating to the implementation of, and compliance with, the company’s Compliance Program.

Portrait Bruno Keller

Bruno Keller

Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance manager

Bruno is responsible for all Pharmacovigilance (PV) and drug safety issues as a distributor’s PV representative. From the distributor’s local QPPV he supports all relevant requests from and to the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) and its QPPV.
He is also responsible for identifying, registering and reporting these and ensures that effective and safe medicines reach the end user.
Based on his long-term pharmaceutical background and university medical studies, Bruno is also responsible for all the medical affairs topics.

Portrait Diana Bichsel

Diana Bichsel

Quality and Regulatory Affairs manager

Diana supports the global quality management team for Apogex and also for the local distributor. Based on her long-term pharmaceutical background and in QP and QA functions she is also responsible for all Regulatory Affairs (RA) and dossier issues.
With her long-term GMP and GDP experiences she assists the Apogex Quality and Compliance teams in any requests and communications from the market, patients and authorities.
Diana acts in her function with full understanding for supervision and interface to the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH).

Portrait Pierre Lerminet

Pierre Lerminet

Distribution Quality Oversight

Pierre ensures that distribution operations are conducted and products are distributed in accordance with local and international GMP/GDP, the marketing authorization, provider specific quality requirements and the company’s quality agreements.